Friday, December 13, 2013

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DJ Gatsby’s Book Club Book Review

“Fly Betty” by Treasure Blue (Cash Money Content Pubishing)

With another addition to the Harlem Girl Lost series, Treasure Blue continues to draw you in and make you feel like you really know the characters. This talented author introduces us to some new characters as well as bringing us up to date with some of the old ones. The lead character Betty Blaise is a very intelligent, calculating street smart young woman who is determined to take the game to another level. Armed with her mother’s diary and principles to live by, she uses them as a guide to survive the street game. She maneuvers through the journey will the skill of surgeon. She has high hopes, big dreams and will stop at nothing to obtain them. However the most thought out plans can go wrong.

Betty has succeeded where other women have failed by always being in control and staying a step ahead of her prey. But when she meets an unlikely candidate, her skills are tested and will ultimately prove to be no match for this new found love interest or so you think.

Treasure Blue will lead you in one direction and just when you think you have figure it out he will change direction and leave you floored and bewildered with that “I didn’t see that coming” look upon your face. Treasure Blue’s ability to tell this story of suspense and intrigue is just so amazingly brilliant. Fly Betty will hold your attention from the beginning to the very last sentence.

A good story told by a good story teller. I highly recommend it.

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