Friday, December 13, 2013

iTunes Exclusive: Beyonc Releases First Ever Visual Album. Sells ...

To the complete shock of the entire industry, Beyoncé this morning released her fifth studio album packed full of brand new music — and, in an iTunes world exclusive, the singer’s self-entitled entry “Beyoncé” arrived as the first-ever “visual” album to be sold through the firm’s digital music store.

The special 32-track album includes both a collection of never-before-heard new audio releases from the world-class vocalist, alongside a further 19 “visual” tracks.

Despite Columbia pretty much dropping the album on Beyonce’s millions of adorning fans, almost out of the blue, (and it posing an obvious risk for Apple in terms of it being the first album of its kind to feature this exclusive “visual” content), though, the move does initially appear to have paid off for all those involved, with E Online now reporting that the singer has already managed to shift upwards of 80,000 copies of the album, in less than 3 hours.

That’s right, EIGHTY THOUSAND Copies. In less than 3 HOURS .

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Beyoncé first rose to fame as the siren-voiced centerpiece of Destiny’s Child before embarking on a multi-platinum solo career in 2001. Booming record sales, Grammy awards, movie roles, and a romance with rapper Jay-Z combined to heighten her profile in the 2000s .

Mastered for iTunes, and described by the iTunes Editors as a “provocative, unguarded artistic statement” that is sure to “cement her status as a pop visionary,” particularly interesting is how Apple is approaching the sale of Beyoncé’s new album .

Below is the full track listing for Beyoncé .

1. Pretty Hurts

2. Haunted

3. Drunk In Love (featuring Jay Z)

4. Blow

5. No Angel

6. Partition

7. Jealous

8. Rocket

9. Mine (featuring Drake)

10. XO

11. ***Flawless (featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)

12. Superpower (featuring Frank Ocean)

13. Heaven

14. Blue (featuring Blue Ivy)

15. Pretty Hurts (Video)

16. Ghost (Video)

17. Haunted (Video)

18. Drunk In Love (featuring Jay Z) [Video] 19. Blow (Video)

20. No Angel (Video)

21. Yonce’ (Video)

22. Partition (Video)

23. Jealous (Video)

24. Rocket (Video)

25. Mine (featuring Drake) [Video] 26. XO (Video)

27. ***Flawless (featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche) [Video] 28. Superpower (featuring Frank Ocean) [Video] 29. Heaven (Video)

30. Blue (featuring Blue Ivy) [Video] 31. Grown Woman (Bonus Video)

32. Credits (Video)

Right now, the album’s 32 exclusive audio and video tracks can only be purchased together – for $15.99. Apple does note however that each of the tracks featured on the new album will become available for individual purchase, on December 20.

With vocals from her husband Jay-Z, as well as support from artists such as; Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Timberland, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Justin Timberlake, (and more)“Beyoncé” arrives as a sheer pop-fest, with a contemporary – almost understated – tinge.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 22.07.54

Apple is, (of course), marketing the hell out of this one. Heck, wouldn’t you?

Own “Beyoncé” (Explicit) exclusively on iTunes — for $15.99 .

Own “Beyoncé” (Clean) exclusively on iTunes — for $15.99 .


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