Friday, June 27, 2014

VIDEO: 'When Jesus Says Yes', Archbishop Gilbert Deya Sung It ...

Michelle Williams brought together former Destiny Child’s band members for her latest Gospel track ‘When Jesus Says Yes’ which turned out perfectly. We’d all missed the sound of them together and it was great to see that they still had that perfect chemistry that made them America’s hottest girl group in the 90′s and early 2000′s.

We knew that the track was a remix of a Nigerian gospel song but had absolutely no idea that Kenyan Archbishop Gilbert Deya had also sung it. We landed on his version on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing.

Gilbert Deya is mostly popular for the Miracle Babies Saga as the pastor who claimed to make infertile mothers pregnant through the power of prayer which turned out to be a hoax after he was charged with child abduction and trafficking. Just recently, the controversial preacher was also caught up in another drama in the UK where he was charged with sex offences.

Well, we don’t know if there is an earlier version to this song but we are pretty sure Bishop Deya heard Michelle Williams’ version and went like “…been there, did done that!” or maybe “….I sung it, I sung it, I sung it…I sung it first!” LOL!

So here goes,

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