Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NFL Ticket Sales: Fan Suing League Over State Restrictions

Seahawks fan

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You may have seen a story last week involving the Oklahoma City Thunder and restricted ticket sales. During OKC’s first round home games in its playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies, ticket sales are not allowed to Tennessee residents. If you live in the Grizzlies home state and your billing information says TN, you can’t buy a ticket from an official website.

It’s a move that decreases the number of opposing team fans in the home arena. Fair? Maybe. But it no doubt angers a lot of fans.

One such fan is a gentleman who wanted to attend the NFC title game this past January. But because he lived in Nevada, a restricted state, he could not purchase a ticket. Now, John E. Williams of Las Vegas is suing the NFL.

Not only is Mr. Williams taking the mega sports league to court, he’s doing it to the tune of $50 million.

In the lawsuit he accuses the NFL, Seattle Seahawks, Ticketmaster and Washington state officials of fraud. Of course, he’s playing the unconstitutional card.

Is it kind of crappy that teams restrict tickets sales to certain states? Yeah. But if you’re really a true fan, you’ll haul your carcass up to Seattle and you’ll buy a ticket from a scalper. Problem solved.

This lawsuit is an obvious money grab, but you can’t really blame Mr. Williams. Someone was going to sue the NFL at some point for this kind of thing.

Don’t feel bad for any of the parties mentioned in the lawsuit if they have to pay out. They can afford it. Whether things will get to that point, is up for the courts to decide.


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