Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FL. Man Whose Confederate Flag Was Stolen Can't I.D. Suspect ...

by Yvette Carnell

Florida investigators have arrested a suspect who allegedly swiped a homeowner’s flag theftConfederate flag. There’s only one problem: The victim is unable to ID the suspect because, according to him, they “all look the same.”

As controversy over the Confederate flag swirled, several videos of people stealing Confederate flags from homes and cars went viral. It even became part of a “capture the flag” and “no flagging” challenge, where videos of the flag thefts were posted on social media.

Dejerrian Dequan Murray, 24, was arrested for tearing down the flag outside of a Florida man’s home. Video of the theft of 57 year old Robin Eaker’s flag was posted on the Facebook page of Jamari Williams.

A phone call to Crime Stoppers led to Murray’s arrest. When police arrived at the home of the suspect’s cousin, a relative reportedly said, “I already know why you guys are here. It’s because my cousin took that flag.”

According to The Smoking Gun, Eaker looked at the Facebook pages of Murray and his friends, but couldn’t identify a suspect because, according to him, “They all look the same to me.”

Murray was charged with misdemeanor theft and freed on $2000 bond, according to court records. Eaker was hoping that the suspect would also be charged with a hate crime for stealing his flag, which is valued at over $100.


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