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Our buddies over at FHM have released their annual “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list, and UK hottie Michelle Keegan was voted number one. Here’s what the top ten looks like:

1. Michelle Keegan (last year 2)
2. Kendall Jenner (last year 31)
3. Jennifer Lawrence (last year 1)
4. Kate Upton (last year 18)
5. Caroline Flack (re-entry 70 in 2013, 48 in 2012)
6. Ariana Grande (last year 77)
7. Margot Robbie (last year 26)
8. Lucy Mecklenburgh (non-mover)
9. Emilia Clarke (last year 11)
10. Kelly Brook (last year 23)

Look, I don’t have a problem with Michelle Keegan getting the number one spot. I mean, she’s ultra sexy and FHM is a UK magazine so a babe from the UK being voted the sexiest woman in the world makes sense (even though I prefer Keeley Hazell in terms of sexiest UK babe). But Kendall Jenner ranked number two is just… well, actually it’s pretty damn on the nose. I’ve been going bonkers over Kendall’s stunning looks and especially her insanely sexy body this past year, so I’m cool with that as well. As I am with most of the top ten, so no big rants this years. Only drooling. Enjoy the exclusive hi-res photos of Michelle Keegan, newcomer Nadia Forde, and my future wife Keeley Hazell, and make sure to head over to FHM’s website for the complete sexiest 100 list!

Photo Credit: FHM

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