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Mister Cee’s history with Big Daddy Kane and The Notorious B.I.G. is like no other DJ in hip-hop history. The Brooklyn DJ was on the road with Kane in the ’80s and then helped Biggie get his career off the ground in the ’90s. So you can imagine the stories embedded in his memory. In part 2 of his interview with Juan Epstein, Cee details how everything started for Brooklyn’s finest.

Listen below…

–Around the 18:00 minute mark, Mister Cee talks about the time Slick Rick pulled out a gun on Big Daddy Kane after a minor confrontation.

–Around the 25:00 minute mark, Cee talks about Big Daddy Kane and Rakim trading subliminal shots back in the day.

–Around the 25:25 minute mark, he starts to talk about the next stage of his career when he started working with Biggie. He tells the story about how he first met BIG through DJ 50 Grand in 1991. Cee remembers coming back from his last Big Daddy Kane tour and 50 Grand coming over the same night with Notorious BIG’s infamous demo tape. He details about Biggie’s career jumped off from Day 1. From sending the tape to Matty C at The Source to Meeting Puff, Cee was there for the whole thing.

Listen to part 1 below.

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