Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Mom Speaks On Pulling Her Son From Protests -


The situation in Baltimore, Maryland this week has been a powder keg, or a raisin in the sun. The tweet that floored me was from @Shugah, who quoted a very prophetic James Baldwin Esquire interview from 1968. (Read that for some head crack.) But back to Baltimore, 2015…the complex issues from Freddie Gray’s unexplained spinal injury, his death, the release of his unrelated police record, the days of peaceful protest, and then this week’s explosion of violence, looting, and vandalism…can not be summed up neatly or patched up with a meme. It has to be added to the growing list of issues and incidents that are festering around the country.
But…I just wanted to share an interview that CBS did with Toya Graham, the Baltimore mom who angrily pulled her 16-year-old son off the street when she spotted him throwing rocks at riot police.

Watch Toya Graham…after the jump

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