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Artists Are Drugged and Filmed Engaging In Homosexual Acts As ...


Just like Roseanne Bar, Katt Williams, Tila Tequila, DMX, Dave Chappelle, Pimp C, Spanky Hayes (who retracted his statement) and several others, T. Miles is seen on video exposing the music industry. Miles was an A&R for No Limit records. He is said to be very vocal about the in’s and out’s of the industry when speaking to those who are working towards landing a record deal.

In a video released in 2011, Miles is alleging that artists are drugged and filmed doing homosexual acts. He says the tape is used as blackmail. This same blackmailing has been mentioned before by various other sources.

Here’s what T. Miles said:

“I’m telling y’all, they are f****** n*ggas around out here. They are f****** n*ggas around. They’re giving n*ggas some shit that ain’t even what you think. You’ll f*** around tomorrow and wake up a** naked with a footie on. You won’t know what the f*** you just did. I mean, real sh*t! Your [inaudible] f*cked up and your a** is hurting. You don’t know what the f*ck to say. You don’t know who to tell. But this is what the game is going to.

Now, here it is, time for a contract to come out. N*gga wanna sign you for five years and you’re like, “No.” “So, you don’t want to sign with us?” “NO!” “Pop in the tape. Show this n*gga what he did last night.” I’m serious! This is real sh*t I’m telling y’all! Pop in the tape. You’re sitting there like, “Man what the f***!” Yeah, well that’s what happened, you got f****. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna sign that contract. You don’t want anybody in the hood to see that sh*t.

These n*ggas that you see that are constantly high are not just getting high because they like getting high. They’re getting high because they know what they’ve done and they can’t live with that sh*t. I’m telling y’all. This is some REAL SH*T!

I can say this because I’m a real n*gga. Some of them can’t say this because they’re on tape. They pry on weaknesses because they know n*ggas be happy they’re about to sign some sh*t. They tell you to come to a mansion party. You’re not gonna turn down sh*t because you feel like, “They’re my family. I’m with these n*ggas now.” You smoking on some sh*t or you done drank some sh*t [at the mansion party] you done forgot everything. You don’t know what went on until they show you the tape. You’re gonna sign.

This is a shiesty devilish game. If you don’t have your knowledge, you will set yourself up to be f*cked around. Instead of trying to get to the A&R, make sure your ass in ready. Have another blueprint ready so you can be ready for what’s next. Because half these n*ggas you think n*ggas ain’t n*ggas. These n*ggas is plastic pimps and rubber gangsters. Half of them like that d*ck. This is some real raw sh*t. This is coming from a nigga that’s there.

This is the only reason why No Limit is still an independent label. We refuse to get in conjunction with any of these n*ggas.”

D Brad, former BET producer allegedly exposed the network’s program director, Stephen Hill, in several interviews several years ago. Read that article here.

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