Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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If you’d asked me a month ago what I was looking forward to about the first round of the NBA playoffs, I’d have answered in a heartbeat that a 1-8 matchup between Golden State and Oklahoma City would be must-watch television. I still feel that way, but for different reasons. Continue Reading

In a weekend filled with March Madness and Wrestlemania, there was some NBA action too. Continue Reading

The Knicks and Lakers have a combined 36.9 odds to win the lottery, so either getting the top pick has more to do with probability than anything. Continue Reading

Things are rocky all over. We take a look at Kevin Love, Kevin Durant and a few others, projecting where they might be hanging their hats next season. Continue Reading

The Milwaukee Bucks have struggled since trading Brandon Knight, but it’s about more than just the limitations of his replacement, Michael Carter-Williams. Continue Reading

There are a lot of games tonight, but it’s going to be hard to find a better play than what Andre Miller did to Nerlens Noel last night. Bang! Of course, Andre decided to pass the ball out of the… Continue Reading

James Harden is poetry. Even if you don’t like his poems. Continue Reading

We’ve been watching Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and their revolving cast of supporting characters work together for going on 18 years now. We’ve seen them do their thing. We’ve watched countless games, we’ve heard countless broadcasters and other media folk fawn over them, and we’ve been through every narrative about the Spurs that there is to go through. Continue Reading

Monta Ellis is reportedly set to be a free agent this summer because the Mavericks don’t want him. Examine the tough case of Monta the free agent. Continue Reading

Welcome back to NBA Oregon Trail! We’re nearing the end of the season so it’s time to fire up the ol’ Apple II emulator and get to work. We begin this year’s edition, fittingly, with the team that started it all, the New York Knicks.

Continue Reading



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