Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Snark amendment: 21 unforgettable election memes 2012, (pic credit: snarkamendment) there are some unforgettable sights of election 2012, and i’m not even sure this list is complete or can do justice to what is.

Nbc "news" retracts "christie innocent" meme, Published without comment, because none is needed. nbc acknowledged friday that nbc nightly news anchor brian williams was wrong when he said during.

No, sarah palin, baptism good punchline , Sarah palin gave a speech to members of the national rifle association, gathered in indianapolis this weekend. she said something that struck me as sacrilegious..

Funny Football Memes

Guantanamo Bay

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Waterboarding Isn't So Bad

Funny Jokes

waterboarding-meme-generator-h2o-making-sobriaty-hurt-quenching-thirst ...

Struck tsunami – youtube, Struck tsunami – youtube real tsunami.

Pete hoekstra meme | "iranian twitter activity, To hoekstra whine grandiose exaggerations comparisons. started simple, foolish tweet. june 17th, gop congressman pete hoekstra.

Dick cheney pictures – funny cheney pictures photos, View collection funny dick cheney pictures, including cartoons, fake photos, parodies, funny captioned pictures dick cheney..

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