Saturday, December 6, 2014

Spirituality @ Info-Zone ? The False Christianity Movement

Christina Fennell says:

Praise God for a minister that is current on his current events. I too have

studied all of these things for the last few years Illuminati, homosexual

agenda through media and music , martial law, sandy hook, stone hinge,

reptilians, and the list goes on and on. The rabbit hole is endless of lies

and deception and manufactered news to keep us detained spiritually. Man of

God I also had been watching the deliverance ministries of prophet TB

Joshua. I always was looking for a better understanding of why the demons

always would say they came from the deepest ocean or sea. Thanks for

explaining about water spirits, marine kingdom. Also not sure if you

noticed but after watching your sermon and exiting YouTube when I logged

back in Beyonce new video drunk in love was on the most popular section. I

clicked it and it brought your sermon full circle for me. She is portrayed

to be emerging from the ocean at night with omen type music. She is clearly

extremely demonically oppressed. Her movements and voice are very scary.

Mostly afraid of the stronghold it is placing on our children.


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