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Haverford’s “Lives That Speak” Campaign Promises to Enhance the Academic Experience

Michael F. Schwarze, Staff Writer

Howard Lutnick (left) and Haverford President Daniel Weiss at Haverford College on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Bob Williams, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Howard Lutnick (left) and Haverford President Daniel Weiss at Haverford College on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Bob Williams, Philadelphia Inquirer.

On October 25 in Haverford’s Marshall Auditorium, the college’s administrators introduced the public portion of the “Lives That Speak” campaign. The presentation began with Haverford President Dan Weiss officially publicizing the campaign of “restoration and reinvention” to be completed by June 2017 before a crowd of students, faculty, alumni, and families. President Weiss next outlined the plans for the $225 million endeavor, asking for the support of the Haverford community to reach the lofty goal.

Haverford College plans to allocate $100 million for academic enrichment. This includes improvements on curriculum and facilities, construction of a center for visual culture, arts, and media, and renovations of Magill Library, Sharpless Hall and Roberts Hall. Next, Haverford plans to use $40 million for scholarship support. This allows for Haverford to become a more affordable option for prospective students. President Weiss then stated that $30 million would be used to “enhance the academic experience.” Haverford has already seen these dreams come to fruition with the completion of the Kim and Tritton dormitories. Haverford plans to further enhance the academic experience by improving on the Office of Academic Resources and the Center for Career and Professional Advising. Finally, President Weiss stated that $55 million would be used for the growth of the Haverford endowment.

Weiss then reflected on one of Haverford’s most generous alumni, Howard Lutnick ‘83. And announced that Lutnick has pledged a $25 million donation to Haverford College. This is the largest single donation to the college in its 181 year history. In addition to this immense contribution, Lutnick has already donated over $65 million to Haverford College.

Mr. Lutnick then stepped to the podium to express his endearment for Haverford. He explained that he lost his mother during his junior year in high school. Despite this tragedy, he persevered and made it into Haverford. Tragically, his father died within the first week of his Haverford career. Not knowing whether he would be able to continue at Haverford, he approached the then-President, who generously offered to provide him with four years of tuition. Howard Lutnick ultimately excelled at Haverford and received a degree in Economics. Shortly after his graduation, he began to work for the financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Lutnick quickly rose through the ranks there, becoming President and CEO of the company in 1991; in 1996, he was named Chairman.

Cantor Fitzgerald, whose offices were located in New York’s World Trade Center, tragically lost seventy percent of their employees in the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. Lutnick responded by establishing the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, which he initiated with a personal donation of one million dollars. In a 2006 interview, he said, “We’ve given [the victims and their families] over $180 million. We still take care of their health care. They’re still our great friends. We can’t be closer to them. They’re part of our life.” Howard Lutnick’s actions embody the ideal Haverford graduate.

The “Lives That Speak” announcement closed with a video highlighting various Haverford alumni and alumnae. They expressed the importance of how their time at Haverford affected their lives. Most of the graduates discussed the importance of the Honor Code and how it has positively influenced their lives. Haverford graduates have gone on to various successful endeavors, and the “Lives That Speak” campaign looks to help continue this trend.


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