Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Calumet City Fire Training Center | Calumet City

Calumet City officials broke ground recently for the construction of a regional Fire Training Facility located on State St. between State Line and Wentworth Ave. This facility will feature a state of the art fire simulation rooms, interactive computer generated fire scenario models, traditional continuing education in fire fighting techniques and equipment operation. Calumet City Fire Fighters will be able to learn and improve their knowledge and skills at this facility and we will be able to lease the use of the facility to surrounding Fire Departments in Illinois and Indiana.

“Advancements in equipment and technology for both fighting fires and protecting our Fire Fighters requires additional training and instruction throughout a Fire Fighters career. Most people think they just show up and squirt water on a fire, but it is much more complicated,” said Mayor Michelle. “Our Fire Department knows the layout of every large building in town as well as the basic floor plans of every type of residence. They need to know construction materials used, location of hazardous chemicals, methods of identifying people trapped in a burning or exploding structure, and how to protect our safety while getting themselves out alive and unharmed.”

The project is being funded in part by a $813,465 legal settlement arising from a class action lawsuit oppo-sing the collection of an amusement tax on ticket sales from 1982 through 2000. After 12 years of litigation, the funds were released to Calumet City on the condition that the money be used for a court approved pu-blic works project. This fire training station will benefit Calumet City and the surrounding communities for years to come.

PBS is proud to be the Construction Manager for the Calumet City Fire Training Facility. The approximately 13,300 square foot facility was designed by Ollmann Ernest Martin Architects and RTM & Associates, Inc. and consists of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Main Frame Construction with Decorative Horizontal Metal Panels, Custom Masonry Facades and Storefront Systems.

L-R Shawn A. Thompson (PBS), Police Chief Gilmore, Bryan T. Swanson (Calumet City – Economic Development), Mayor Michelle Markiewicz Qualkinbush, Nyota Figgs (Calumet City Clerk), Magdalena J. “Leni” Wosczynski (2nd Ward Alderman), Fire Chief Galgan


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