Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aaliyah Biopic Producer, Wendy Williams, Under HOT FIRE ...

A sleuth of people believed to have been misinterpreted in Aaliyah biopic have come forward one by one to address producer Wendy Williams who has created so much negative heat via Twitter due to production of the Aaliyah movie there is about to be an internet meltdown.

However, we are not sure if Wendy Williams actually had physical input in the direction of the Aaliyah biopic. Very often, producers just take on the credit for funding the production of movies and approving final cut, but have little input on direction.

If Wendy Williams had direct physical input on all creative aspects an apology may be due for such a poor performing movie. If the latter, the talk show host may have been set up by a competitive network although all are kind of the same umbrella with satellite networks. Everything that could go wrong with the makings of a biopic did go wrong. In the oncoming days expect highlights of people involved in Aaliyah’s career and directly mentioned in the movie to come forward.

The Aaliyah movie could be one of the down highlights of Wendy’s career. Thus far, the backlash doesn’t look good. Wendy Williams will more than likely be allowed to use her tv show as a forum to address critics and Aaliyah fans with a disrespectful melt down instead of a sincere apology and which could prove to be a breaking point even though the talk show host’s career on tv seems unstoppable. We suggest the talks show host pray for mercy. More to come.

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