Friday, October 17, 2014

ALERT: The Sovereignty Campaign's Unique, Essential Mission ...

By: Arlen Williams

Gulag Bound

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Sovereignty Unbound needs contributions to fulfill SovCam’s Senate Watch 2014 survey mission, for this Novermber 4th election.


Restore authentic America

Focusing this time only upon key races for United States Senate, SovCam is not just rating candidates. Even more importantly, it is about to inform patriots of the pros and cons of current conservative and libertarian organizations’ candidate analyses and recommendations.

We will clearly show gaps that must not continue to exist — essential questions that are not even being asked — demonstrating why such work must be knit together, based on America’s true core, our sovereignty principles.

At the same time, Sovereignty Unbound is putting together a coalition of key organizations and activist leaders, to carry into the next legislative session and the next primaries.

We need to raise a new, modest sum this month. Every five dollar contribution is not too little. Five thousand, not too much. Fifty dollars grants an annual membership.

Please contribute any amount:

This is the page you can use.

Let us bring patriots together and show who and is not asking the tough sovereignty questions of our candidates, as well as finding candidates’ stances based on their past performance and commitments.

Just some of these questions:

  • Who is is pinning down U.S. Senators about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty? plus other onerous U.N. initiatives?

  • Who is willing to defund Obamacare? and Planned Parenthood?

  • Who would stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? plus the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TAFTA), North American Integration (NAI/NAU), Global Governance 2025, expanded Foreign Trade Zones, and any other clandestine, transnational government and pseudolaw for global cartel collectivism?

  • Who is calling for congressional investigations:

    • Of illegal alien child trafficking, including the Obama Administration’s participation in selecting children from Latin America’s Marxist-corrupted nations and smuggling them into the United States?

    • Of the many faces of Agenda 21, including smart meters and so much more?

    • Of the unconstitutional collusion involved in Common Core and neo-Marxist Critical Theory revision of history through curricula and APUSH?

    • Of the new national militarism inside America, the surveillance state, and the NSA?

On and on, as shows on its front page….

SovCam-logo-250sqThere is no one doing this but us and I know no earthly reason to believe there ever will be, if we miss this opportunity. We must demonstrate our need and our worth.

If you prefer to contribute by check, it may be made out to Sovereignty Unbound and send to:

Attn: Arlen Williams

Sovereignty Unbound, LLC

1350 Terrytown Road

West Baraboo, WI 53913

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Please spread the word.

Arlen Williams,


The Sovereignty Campaign ( and are services of Sovereignty Unbound, LLC. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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