Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf appears in court after arrest at ...

Some audience members said they initially believed that he was part of the show as he slapped the bottom of Alan Cummings, the Scottish actor who plays the master of ceremonies.

But he interrupted the performances by yelling obscenities and then fell out of his chair, bringing others crashing down with him, during a solo by Michelle Williams, the co-star, audience members said.

LaBeouf allegedly became abusive when he was asked to leave the theatre during the intermission.

According to the criminal complaint, security guards said that he swore at them and, as trouble-prone stars all too often do, asked: “Do you know my life? Do you know who the f–k I am? Do you know who I am?” The New York City police department later confirmed that LaBeouf was arrested outside the theatre where he was being disruptive and smoking cigarettes.

The New York Post obtained camera phone footage taken earlier in the day of LaBeouf chasing a homeless man in Times Square and demanding that he hand over a McDonald’s bag.

“He really wanted whatever was in that bag,” a witness told the newspaper. “He had so much focus. If there were French fries in the bag, maybe he really wanted to eat them. He was dodging people and yelling, ‘Yo, come on!’ He was on a mission. It was so bizarre.”

He had been drinking strawberry margaritas while watching the World Cup on television at a midtown bar, according to staff. He later posed for pictures and videos with passers-by outside another bar.

The star, who was arraigned to appear back in court on July 24, has had repeated clashes with authorities.

In February, he walked out of press conference in Berlin for his latest film Nymphomaniac. He later arrived on the red carpet for the premier wearing a brown paper bag over his head bearing the message: “I am not famous anymore.”


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