Thursday, April 10, 2014

Springtime Fitness |

By: Katerina Lessard

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, we are now inclined to come out of hibernation from our houses and whip ourselves into shape for the summer. This is a list of a couple activities you can do outside daily that will help you get in better shape for that new swimsuit you have been dying to put on.

1.) Go on a nature walk with Friends

For those that don’t have a friend to walk with daily, take your dog or even go alone. Taking a thirty or so minute walk a day. This will keep you away from the kitchen cupboard and also getting in that little exercise will make a difference for the long run.

2.) Take a morning run

In the morning when we wake up, our metabolism is at its freshest. This means that morning run will also be burning calories off for the rest of the day. Taking even a twenty five minute run will increase your health and keep your body’s metabolism strong for the rest of the day. A morning run is most effective if you eat breakfast before and also have a snack after.

3.) Spring sports

If you are not already participating in a spring sport at Medford High, there are also a lot of options to go to a public park and play basketball or also hit up a local tennis court. You can even go to park to play baseball or simply playing ball with your dog.

Any of these activities done once a day will surely keep you fit by the time the summer comes around!

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