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Tennis star Serena Williams is on the May cover of Fitness magazine. Williams talks about learning to love her curves and becoming a totally different person on the tennis court.

The 32 year old revealed that she didn’t always love her curvaceous figure.

When I was young I thought I should be built more like an athlete—long and lean—not with a womanly figure.

‘But then people my age started coming up to me and saying, “I love you because of the way you look. That was really motivating.

So I learned to be proud of my curves and embrace my large boobs. It’s all about loving who you are and realizing that you’re beautiful.’

She also tells Fitness magazine about her different persona on the court:

‘I think of myself as two different people, there’s the Serena Williams that everyone knows: She’s crazy. She can’t make a mistake.

‘And she’s angry and just not nice, to be honest. I’m only that person for three hours a day when I’m on the court. The rest of the time I’m just Serena. I’m the class clown.

‘That’s when Serena Williams comes out and she’s nuts. That really upsets me. It’s not the real me…. Even for me, it’s shocking to see.

Serena is currently the reigning French Open, US Open, WTA Tour Championships and Olympic ladies singles champion

I actually like Serena Williams, she seems real. I think it’s awesome seeing a woman with some meat on her bones thats athletic.

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