Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Ok, I am fighting on a daily basis to keep myself composed for my fiancé

who has panic attacks and anxiety. My baby is most important to me and is

1/3 the way here. She has pondered and pushed forward with the abortion

with my baby’s heartbeat fluttering on my mind. By the grace of God and my

deeply rooted prayer, she went against it. I cried, as a MMA fighter who is

strong and hard. This is MY first child, he’s ALIVE AND HEALTHY, and I LOVE

him! I work hard everyday to give her support and to stay uplifted but it

is kicking my ever loving a$$! The anxiety she GIVES ME is not able to be

measured! I do not suffer from the condition but from the stress I have

become very low. It hurts so much as my life should not be going this way!

I proposed, bought a ring, I have a good job as does she and this is

causing extreme hardship because she is now on disability. I cannot afford

her luxury car plus mine, plus bills/house/newborn on my salary. I ask that

we fit our lifestyle to MY income bc it is too much. She complains about

not wanting to live in a non-beautiful area. It’s like, WTF, you can’t do

it and I’m doing all I can. Why bite ME and fight when I am trying to


I am not sure how to approach this. I have articles I have read and it is

like a drug addict. There is a root of the problem and they must FACE their

DEMONS. We all do at different times of our lives. You must fight, my

friends, past this. The people who have helped me stated that running away

from simple things and those people that baby those in the attack are

enablers. It’s like giving an angry drug addict more money to make them

happy again.

No, get past the hard road and life is SOOOO much better on the other side.

You MUST FIGHT past the stresses! That is the ONLY way to get past them.

Face it and force yourself into more and more of the pain little by little.

If a child is afraid to give speeches in front of class how does he get

better! Doing it OVER AND OVER in front of the class by putting himself in

the stresses.

Eventually, the battle will be won.

Are you afraid of fighting against the pain?

Life sucks in general at times but you know what? You aren’t green. You’re

not a leprechaun and luck doesn’t fly around. Hard times hit everyone.

I KNOW its HARD!!! I see my angel’s mom suffering daily but FIGHT those

demons! Your mind is an AMAZING thing and can overcome anything.

Cancer patients dying everyday, and they see the charts of them dying. Do

you give in or do you say “I KNOW I have this problem, I know this is

hurting me and my desired life. But I’ll be DAM*ED if this rules my life. I

WILL win. I WILL fight it. I WILL succeed!”…..

Look at yourself in the mirror daily and say “I’m proud of who I am. I have

this issue but it will be gone. It will not conquer me. I am the captain of

my ship. I am more powerful that it. I am a powerful person. I am ME AND

NOTHING CAN TAKE IT FROM ME.!!!!” Amazingly, those patients do FAR better

than those that don’t. Prayer, desire, heart, and courage.

God bless you guys! I feel for you! Remember everything in life is a test.

A test of will. A test of strength. A test of power!

You WILL succeed when you have decided that this is enough! DO NOT let the

thoughts run wild into stresses you don’t need. Be STRONG!





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