Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Karen 'Groupie' Xposed As Nipsey Hussle's SideChick!

April 22nd, 2014


“Nipsey Hussle and Karen Civil been smashin’ behind Lauren London’s back!”

HSK Exclusive - We’ve gotten word exposing Nipsey Hussle for cheating on Lauren London!

According to our insider… Karen Civil, who’s widely known across the industry as a super-groupie/industry-piece/blogger, is bustin’ it wide open for the Cali rapper. This while it’s no secret that Nipsey Hussle is romantically connected to ‘The Game’ actress Lauren London. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Steve Lobel.

Dig the drop:

“Karen is groupie blogger.. she and Nipsey Hussle been getting it in.”

You’ll recall.. back in the fall of 2013, news of Nipsy Hussle and Lauren London first broke. Now, it appears that Laura may have just checked into Heartbreak Hotel. Know why? Buss this…




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