Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brian Williams confronts Jimmy Fallon about those rap videos!

Brian Williams was on The Tonight Show yesterday and he finally got to rap with Jimmy Fallon about all those newsworthy rapping mashup videos the NBC host has edited together of the NBC Nightly News anchor. The serious newsman doesn’t find them funny and wishes he could have a voice in what songs they have him do. For example, he would like to do something from Foxy Brown or Luda as he calls Ludacris, and that stunned Fallon. I think those are good choices, what do you think?

Not only does he want to pick the tunes, he also wants to meet the man who sits in an editing bay and watches 5 years of his newscasts to make all of these videos. I want to meet the guy too because he probably looks like those guys from Wayne’s World or Josh Gad in the beginning of Jobs or Seth Rogen on any given morning.

Now back to B-Dubz and J-Fall, their is no battle between the two of them and this whole thing was done in good fun.

I mean how could he not love seeing himself belt out Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice! Everyone loves it. Snoop is even wondering what he smoked when he watched it because he’s like is that my shiznit coming out of Brian Williams’ mouth? Yes, it is Snoop Lion. Yes, it is.



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