Brianna used to be the best of the best when it came to young witches. But a busted Sacred Circle ended in the death of her best friend. Now, she has vowed to never practice the art of magic again. And then the unthinkable happens again. Her mother, a highly competent High Priestess, is intentionally trapped inside a Sacred Circle and left to die. Called home, Brianna must halt a growing health epidemic, and right a deadly curse before it can reach its catastrophic conclusion. And worse, she has to marry her sworn enemy, Devlin Janus, to do it. The Invocation. The Hand-fasting. The Joining. The Binding. The Crowning. These are the spiritual issues at stake as Brianna and Devlin engage in a race against time to save an imperiled coven. Will time run out before they can find a way to end the curse? And more importantly, will the pair manage to find a love to last a lifetime?