Friday, December 13, 2013

Standing For God – Reality and Emotions

Our Lord will never have to send a message to us, saying, “I am not feeling well today; therefore, I shall not be dealing with you today on the same basis as I dealt with you yesterday.”

You may not be feeling well physically today. Have you learned to be thankful anyhow and to rejoice in the promises of God? God’s eternal blessings do not depend on how you feel today. If my eternal hope rested on how I felt physically, I might as well begin packing for a move to some other region! Even if I do not feel heavenly, my feelings in no way change my heavenly hope and prospect.

I dare not relate even a fraction of my faith and hope to my emotions of the moment and to how I feel today. My eternal hope depends on God’s well being–on whether God Himself is able to make good on His promises. And about that there is no doubt.

Now that I have brought up the subject of our human emotions, I should add this further word. I do not know how familiar you are with the ways of God and the tender movings of His Spirit. But I will tell you this quite frankly: God does not play on our emotions to bring us to the point of spiritual decision.

by A.W. Tozer


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