Thursday, December 12, 2013

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They’re not even hiding it any longer: Citizens who dissent from government policy will be subject to harassment by the government’s law enforcement and para-law-enforcement shock troops.

Here are more details:

By now, the news has spread online, of the IRS notices received on the same November 25th date, by whistleblowers Bill Elliott and by C. Steven Tucker. Elliott has been waging a pitched battle with cancer. Tucker is the insurance agent and healthcare freedom activist who informed him that the canceling of his insurance, wrought by the Obama administration for the sake of pushing citizens into Obamacare, was illegal. Tucker reached out immediately after Elliott appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File, Nov. 7th and Elliott’s insurance was hastily reinstated…

[Tucker speaking in interview]: Then Treasury Inspector General Williams arrived with an associate. He showed me his business card and his badge and then sat down to begin his inquisition of sorts during which he and his associate took copious notes. To my surprise his questions were not designed to find out why I was sent the letters of demand but more to find out more about me and even more surprisingly my new friend Bill Elliott.

He asked for Bill Elliott’s phone number twice. I did not give him Mr. Elliott’s phone number. He then asked for a timeline of events. He asked ‘How did you first meet Bill? What law did you use to help him get his policy restored? What television program did he appear on?’ etc. He then asked for my full name and my social security number since the IRS letters of demand were sent to my corporation and not to my personal name. And, then at the end of his line of questioning he made sure to tell me that ‘you need to resolve these issues with the IRS, if not, as you may be aware, you may be visited again by other IRS representatives in your home and we do reserve the right to garnish your wages and lien your assets.’ Mr. Sneckenberg and I then wished them a Happy Holiday and showed them both the door.

Oh, it’s way way too long to successfully excerpt, so just read the whole thing. While you’re fuming about what happened to Elliot and Tucker, note this separate but related issue [emphasis mine]:

This [section 2742 of Public Law 104-191 (HIPAA)] is an existing federal law that is still on the books and that is relied upon, expanded upon, and referred to multiple times throughout the 960 pages of the PPACA legislation. This law was codified by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1997. Since that was signed into law it has been and still is illegal for any health insurer to cancel anyone’s coverage when they are sick. Regardless of what Barack Obama or anyone else says. It has been and still is illegal for any health insurance anywhere in the nation to ‘drop your coverage’ when you get sick. Period. And, when I say period I mean it, unlike Barack Obama.

I have been personally enraged by the opt-repeated claims by Obama and the Democrats that insurance companies regularly dropped sick people from coverage before Obamacare came into being. Although there have been a few isolated such cases, they are against the law and have been for well over a decade, and could always be successfully challenged. And yet Democratic rhetoric is that such cancellations occurred as a matter of course prior to Obamacare and that there was no recourse. This is one of the many and varied lies of Obamacare, too numerous to have dealt with thoroughly on this blog although I have at least fifty unfinished drafts that tackle many of the issues one by one. There is no lack of issues to write about, that’s for sure.

To these lies we can add the pattern of intimidation of people such as Elliot and Tucker who have gotten in Obama’s way. Obama and the Democrats learned that they could get away with using the IRS against the Tea Party. They have since learned that publicity about what they’ve done didn’t hurt them, either, and that the MSM and liberals would stand by them. No doubt this has emboldened them (not that they needed any further emboldening) to use the same tactics against those who have the guts to speak out against Obamacare and tell their stories.

It reminds me of a song whose source might surprise you: Phil Ochs. Ochs was a popular protest singer of the 60s, a leftist who held no truck with the right. But hear the words of this old song of his from 1964, and see whether you don’t agree with me:


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