Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Roundup of 2013 Celebrity “Teas” | wwwclara54's "T" Blog


So y’all know we’re in the spirit for making joyful Holiday memories with loved ones and such, so the g-mogul won’t be dishing the teas after today’s post. See y’all in 2014!

Anyhew, a few interesting teas caused me to place fingers to the keyboard to feed your curiosity and make it do what it do. Okay, enough self promo :)

The matriarch of the Jacksons, Ms. Katherine Jackson, is appealing to MJs fans to fund a documentary she is producing in honor of her genius son and the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson in a tribute of the 5th anniversary of his death.

Ms. Jackson at 80 something want the world to remember her son ( as if we’ll EVER forget) with a look back into his life via clips and interviews from his three children, called “Remembering Michael.” I think what this 80 something woman is doing in her son’s memory is honorable and so I give her efforts a thumbs up! Joe Jackson Sr, on the other hand, deserves a scathing thumbs down for wanting to exploit young Blanket as the next Michael:( Shame, Shame, Shame on you Joe Jackson! just sayin’

So Kristie Alley was really out there on a past appearance on Howard Stern show. When he asked her how she felt about Leah Remini bashing The Church of Scientology. Kristie basically called her once good friend, a liar and a repulsive ‘bigot’ and stated she’d deleted her twitter follow. Hmm, my thoughts and y’all know I got ‘em:) If Leah is a ‘bigot’ for disagreeing with the policies of Scientology and Michael Richards is a ‘racist’ for inferring the “N’ word to black people in his standup and then becomes Kristie’s good friend and co-star in her new sitcom??? What pray tell does that make you by association, Ms. Alley? I mean really? This g-mogul smell a hypocritical rat.

Is President Obama a flirt? That seems to be the general consensus as he was snapped at the Memorial Services of the fallen South African Leader, Nelson Mandela, grinning and skinnin’ and taking ‘Selfies’ with a woman Prime Minister. There were also photos where Michelle wasn’t looking too pleased and finally the one where Mrs. Obama took initiative and sat between the flirts- way to go, Mrs. President! Anyho, the man, in my opinion, is a ‘flirt.’ Now, whether he’s a “Cheat” is a horse of a different color. I see nothing wrong with flirting, as long as ya don’t get caught, Mr. President. What!?!

Whoopi Goldberg finally brought the Moms Mabley story to HBO in November. She gave us insights into the life of the first African- American female comic with the unsavory dirty mouth- sometimes toothless mouth who turned the world upside down with her wit and demeanor. Whoopi talked about the project and other stuff with Wendy Williams. You can read more here: http://voices.yahoo.com/wendy-williams-guest-whoopi-goldberg-12426589.html Make sure to visit and nominate the article as content of the year! Yep, it’s time to pay the piper:) Hope y’all enjoy a grand Holiday, with loads of love & laughter, good cheer and goodwill toward men, women and children!


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