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5 Celebrities Who Have Selective Eating Disorder | Girls Talkin Smack

Posted by PZ on December 20th, 2013

Selective Eating Disorder is extremely common and is most often developed from childhood. Avoiding a lot of certain foods you just don’t like the taste of, people with this disorder just stick to their favorite meals and aren’t open to trying new culinary delights. Although many people grow out of their Selective Eating Disorder as they mature, others never move past it and continue to be extremely hard to please when it comes to whipping them up something to eat. Here is what 5 celebrities have said about their own restricted eating habits.

Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel doesn’t like to try new foods: “I’m a very unadventurous eater… This is one of the things I could never admit to while I was on Harry Potter, but I’m very bad at fruit and vegetables. I basically have the diet of a 19th century Irish navvy (labourer), apart from the litre of stout a day. It’s meat and potatoes and bread and cheese: those are my four food groups.”

Drew Barrymore


Drew will only eat her favourite foods and compares herself to a teenager: “I’m a bit of a picky eater, but that’s because I’m a vegetarian. I’m like a typical American teenager when it comes to my favourite foods! I love peanut butter with bananas. That’s my favourite. I like grilled cheese sandwiches and I love homemade macaroni with cheese.”

Niall Horan


Niall admits he is picky when it comes to food and won’t eat Turkey on Christmas day: “I love a Christmas jumper (sweater). I’m rocking the Rudolph knit… I’m not actually a massive fan of turkey – we usually have gammon for Christmas. (We also eat sprouts but) only at Christmas though. It’s tradition.”

Simon Cowell


Simon’s brother Tony revealed: “Simon was always a very, very fussy eater, extremely difficult to feed as a boy and always the last to finish his food. For years the only thing he would eat was fish fingers or baked beans on toast and the only cooked vegetable he would eat – and will still only eat – is peas. Mum became worried about him – we all were. We didn’t think he’d make it to the age of 30 on his poor diet.”

Taylor Lautner


‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart reveals that Taylor was difficult to cater for on set and she had to encourage him to try new foods because he was very unadventurous: “He’s so picky. I was the first person who got him to eat sushi.”

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